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old fuel injectors - cleaning or bin ? cannot decide


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you may have noticed I´m fairly busy in making plans rather than doing real progress. But that´s only because I want to do the rebuild of the V8 right and do not have the pocket not to care

So when I asked for testing of injectors I had the 4.6V8 injectors in mind that I got in "new" condition from ebay. Unfortunately the are to small to be used with the 3.9V8 fuel rail. And the 4.6 fuel rail that I got with the injectors does not fit the 3.9 intake manifold. Thus it seems I´m confined to use 3.9 injectors.

I have a set of 3.9 injectors on the old engine. Mileage is about 150k miles. And I have another set of the same injectors with unknown mileage and condition and they look less neat (paint flaking off. Not that is important, but ..).

New injectors cost 230pounds (at rpiv8 f.i.) and professional refurbishing 15pounds x 8injectors = 120 pounds.

Is there a wear issue with injectors ? so that refurbished ones will not give the same service life as new ones ? I think they are just cleaned in an ultrasound bath and then checked for their spray pattern. Cleaning them is something a friend could do for me and checking them for their spay pattern is something I could improvise, so this is a low cost option. But if those old injectors will start leaking or be clogged or sth after a short time (compared to new ones) then it might not be worth the effort.

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There was a thread recently on the V8 owners forum about importing injectors from the States. I believe that they were uprated ones (i.e. up to running 300bhp or more). Maybe worth a look.

IIRC your standard 3.9 injectors should be fine for a relatively stock 4.6, you just need to tune it accordingly.

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When I used to run a 205 GTi i had some running issues linked to dirty injectors. I used this lot (HGL Motors) who offer a postal service for cleaning and testing injectors for not a lot of money. I was very pleased with the work done and the car ran considerably better with the cleaned injectors.



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