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Anyone use a JD2 Model3 Bender?


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Evening all,

Managed to aquire a JD2 Model3 this weekend. However, it would would seem only imperial die sets are avail? Not a big problem, but i can source metric size tube easier (Cheap) :rolleyes:

So my question to anyone who has knowledge of these benders is, would:

- 2" Dies sets tolerate 50mm (1.968") Dia tube, 32 thou smaller.

- 1 1/2" Die set tolerate 40mm (1.574") Dia Tube, 74 thou Bigger.

Cheers for any input

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Was a good price, looked at getting one imported. That was gonna work out expensive, then this one came along :D

Not exaclty what you were asking for, but we have a 1,75" die (44,5mm)

Have tried it with 44,5 tube (CDS) 3,2mm thickness and the min diameter after bending was 95% of maximum (same as nominal)

Also tried it with 42mm water pipe (blue) and min thicknes was 90% of max/nominal.


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