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How low should you go


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In the quest for more grip I have been playing with tyre pressures.


I think this is what works for me unless I have to travel someone elses ruts in which case I would run them higher.

What do you think?

I know that side slopes and low pressures dont work and I have only locked the outer bead.

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I dont find side slopes arent a big issue with flat tyres as long as you expect the slump thats gonna happen as the tyre settles - a bit of slowly until its bitten and no probs after that, depending on whats underfoot we range from 0psi to 14psi - occassionally we hit 25psi but not often :blink:

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I'd say it depends a lot on vehicle (weight) and tyre sidawall stiffness.

On my '85 RRC I had the Trelleborg 8.90-16 diagonals for a while. (Volvo 303 standard fitment)

They were at best around 0,23-0,30 Bar

Tireloc internal beadlock

Now with a '89 RRC and michelin XCL 7.50-16 I run 0,5 rear and about 0,75 front for ease of steering.

Have softer tires now, with a radial and higher pressure.


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