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Ray Mears - Good Bloke


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Some positive and sensible comments from someone in the public eye.


Just read it.............. the world need more blokes like him and many more to tell the truth about 4x4's

As he say's "This is a complicated issue made even more complicated by interfering and shabby politicians who are looking for a cheap shot,"

Anyone know if politicians exist who fight for the truth narr what was i thinking......................:wacko:

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Ray Mears in his''Survival'' series does come across as a humble, genuinely nice bloke who isn't up himself and really knows his stuff. I really miss his program. Is he still on the telly over there?


No, but thankfully he is regularly on Sky channels.

I can see in years to come that Ray Mears would be a candidate for the "Great Britons" series.


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