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gear box help

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hi , having just driven my neighbours defender i have noticed that his gearbox is a lot easier to find the gears, mine being a bit vague. having owned and driven my landy for 3 years , i have grown acustom to were all the gears are . can anyone tell me if there is anyway to improve my gear selection. both the neighbours and my land rover has a lt77 gear box.

regards frrfrr

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I don't know if it will help your paticular problem but I found that replacing the gearbox ATF at intervals not exceeding 12-months made a significant improvement to the quality of the change, after that it seemed to tail off making the difference when the change was eventually made quite considerable. Perhaps using a top quality fluid might have helped but with fluid changes being made after (occasional) wading I wasn't keen to go down that route on that paticular gearbox.

Even from brand-new, the change on my R380 was quite dreadfull and the dealer didn't want to know (they all do that sir), I changed to a synthetic oil and it helped (certainly in cold weather) but it still isn't up to the quality of my old LT77.

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