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Stub axle brass bush/oil seal removal.

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Hello mate,put it in a vice with the bush facing upwards(don't grip it where the bearing fits)use a centre punch or a small tap to mark a start spot for drilling midway between the inner and outer diameter.Then drill down through the bush with a drill as near to the size of the flat surface as tou can get.Only go down as far as the bottom of the bush till it hits the steel below.What you have now is a weak point in the bush so ,now, use a hammer and punch to hit the bush towards the centre,(hit it just to the side of the drilled hole).The bush should collapse inwards and lever out easily :D

Hope this has been of some help,Mick.

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Alternativley, since you'll be replacing the seal (or leaving it out altogether), you can use the seal to push the bronze bush out without damaging the bush. Put the stub axle on a vise bush side down, with the vise open wide enough allow the bush to be knocked through. Get a thin rod or an old screwdriver with the tip bent at a 45° angle that can reach though the stub axle and get behind the seal. Knock out the seal and it'll knock out the bush on the way through.

Paul :)

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