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I know the great debate thats been going on here recently regarding Bio-Diesel, i noticed this today in the motoring section of a sunday rag and thought it

may be of interest to some. So not to cause any misunderstanding of what i write i have coppied it how it appears in the paper.

"At last a decent tax break on green fuel.Those normally hard-hearted souls , the revenue and customs say that any private motorist who uses less than 2,500 litres of Bio-Diesel a year won`t have to pay duty, which means the average family car could go 25,000 miles tax free on rapeseed oil, saving upto £2,500 a year. A welcome concession that will stimulate the market and encourage consumers to convert to biofuels."

That raises questions about who is going to monitor how much you use and what if you go over your limit.

Also where can i get some ?.

And it would give our farmers a good chance to grow crops and make some money.

Foxminer. :D

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i was under the impression that straight veg/canola/etc oil was not classed as bio diesel, but taxed as a fuel supplement/additive currently. bio diesel by definition being the product of the veg based oil and methanol etc but regardless, this is most certainly a step in the right direction!

i run mine on whatever i can get hold of that saves the planet and the pennies the most

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