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2002 td5 dif lock light

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got a td5 defender, used diff lock the other day, light came on, disengaged lock and now the light keeps fading in and out, have tried reversing and moving up and down the box, it seems that the lock is disengaged but the light stays on. any thoughts? cheers

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my 99 td5 has a light that comes on, eventually with the diff lock, then flashes intermittently, or sometimes stays on depending how it feels with the diff still engaged it then goes off when the diff is disengaged.

i tried cleaning up the connectors on mine but it made limited difference. but it does go out once the lock is disengaged.

are you sure it has disengaged

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thanks guys, now sorted, it seems the switch was stuck, a few fiddles with the transfer box and the light went away, seems to have worked, cleaned the terminals too, thanks, great forum full of great advice, any one tried a 2007 with a tune & derestrict yet?

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