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Starter problems with 3,5 and TF727 (conversion)


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I have a 1985 RRC where i have replaced the LT77 with a TF727.

From beginning it has occasionally missed the starting in that the starter gears have not properly engaged the starter ring gear making a schreeching noise or sometimes just clicking and whirring.

This has progressively gone worse, to the point where it misses and screeches about 7 times of 8.

Starter has been changed during this period with no positive effekt and starter ring gear is new.

In my conversion kit i got no lower tie plate and tie rod between engine and gearbox. My newest idea is that perhaps the engine and gearbox "hang down" making an angle for the starter gear to starter ring gear, making engagement difficult.

I tried the last thing this evening to lift the car in the joint gearbox/engine with an imagined improvement from 1 success in 8 tries to 3 successes out of 4.

I will try to cobble up a tie rod tomorrow.

Another quesion is which side the the starter ring gear should be mounted of the flex plate. Now it is on the gearbox side.

Clearance between starter gear and starter ring gear when not engaged is about 5 mm.

Other ideas are:

Chamfering the gears on starter/starter ring gear to ease engagement.

switch side of starter ring gear to lower clearance.

Any ideas from the Forum?


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hey tobias

i should have a tie plate and rods in the garage kicking around if you want them. just need to cover postage and a (small) donation to forum funds if you want them.

i can't offer any advice though



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