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Disco 2 V8i on LPG

Phil Hughes

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I'm already running a Disco 1 on L.P.G. which has been great these past 15 months here in Bangkok, Thailand. Went to see a Disco 2 V8i (2003) model today, and looks the business. However, i've been told L.P.G. on a Disco 2 is a no no, due to the Disco 2 having more electrically items, highly computerised. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

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I know that the aftermarket "chippers" shied away from the Thor engine in the D2 because the Bosch management system is fiendishly complicated and as one put it "20% fuel injection and 80% security to stop people fiddling" - I was looking at chips after I got mine in 2002 but I gave up fairly quickly because the general feeling was that there wasn't much gain to be had without mechanical changes anyway.

I guess the same complexity problems apply when you try and run it on gas.

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