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O/T Borehole pump


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Satruday night the pump in our borehole gave up the ghost (typical timing sat night on a bank holiday weekend) so we're currently without water. We've dismantled it and fingers crossed we might just get it working today but in the meantime I'm trying to find out what it's likely to cost to replace and thought someone on here might have an idea

the pump motor is a Grundfos MS402, i can find it on the net but no prices, I'm guessing it's not gonna be cheap.

cheers in advance


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how big a borehole and what sort of pump?

we use one of these to pump water uphill from one tank to the tank feeding the house: Clarke CSD3

there are loads of pumps (many cheaper ones) on the MM site this one of ours does daily water requirements coming on for 15 min per day on a plug in timer

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The borehole's about 15m deep (felt a d@mn site longer pulling the pump up tho) and then feeds into a pressure vessel to give a constant pressure for us and neighbours.

Pretty sure it's one of these

Looking at the similar clarke ones on the MM site it might not be too bad

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It's been a while since I sold those pumps, but judging by the depth of the borehole, I reckon on looking at somewhere around £400.

Grundfos aren't the only makes either. Try Lowara or Ebara. I worked for the latter of those two.

There are plenty of distributors in the area, but the one I can really wholeheartedly recommend is Total Pumps in Devon.


Hope it all goes OK. These are simple pumps, but often repairs are uneconomic.

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Well bit of beering it up in the local networking has got me a deal on a replacement pump, not identical and a little cheaper but with a 3yr guarantee rather than the 1yr offered on the identical pub. Fitted tonight with the help of a friendly electrician and so far we have water :)

Just waiting now for a decision from the home insurance people as to whether they'll cover it, looking promising but confused both the call centre bod and her line manager so waiting on someone higher up :rolleyes: fingers crossed

Thanks for everyone's help and suggestions


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