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power steering hose


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I'm currently half way through my Isuzu 2.8 conversion which has been going well until I came to reconnect the power steering pump.

I'm using the Isuzu pump which has a weird banjo style fitting, so I nipped down to the local Hydraquip thinking this was going to be straight forward and they would just make me a new hose. My cunning plan to get them to stick the isuzu fitting on a new long hose ground to a halt when I was informed it's not legal to reuse old fittings and they didn't have anything that would fit :angry:

So I asked for a length of hose, a joiner and a handful of jubilee clips. Hose was rated at 25bar (which I thought was a lot), it all fitted perfect and worked first time. Second time it sent a huge jet of power-steering all over the engine bay and driveway, the hose had burst... lovely

So first question, anyone know a good company around Surrey/Sussex way that could make me up a hose and secondly what should proper power steering hose be rated at?

Also anyone interested in me writing up the install, I've got a ton of pictures that might useful to someone.



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