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The joys of living with a series

I've just been converting my landy over to a perkins prima engine, and getting it through the MoT etc. Now what I thought was a sump leak, now (I think) appears to be a rear oil seal leak (so either engine or gearbox out job).

I would normally do this myself, however tomorrow I'm moving away to start my first grown-up job in london on monday. The plan was to drive the landy up, but this isn't gonna happen now. My parents have put me on their volvo insurance, but that's only for a month as "emergency cover" or something.

The landy is at my parents place in plymouth, but the garage is full of my dads project landy (complete with engine in pieces). So we have tools here, but possibly not enough space to get an engine/gearbox out.

I'm banking on having weekends off, which I should be able to use to get the job done. But it would be great if someone could help with it, or to possibly offer space for a weekend (a bit rude I know, but I am open to other suggestions).

Or does anybody have any ideas on what else to do?

Many thanks for anything.


(oh and I won't have internet at the new flat for a few weeks, so may have to swap phone numbers or something)

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First - assess if you need a car. If you're working within the Tube or bus network, you don't really although it may take you a little longer to get to work. www.tfl.gov.uk has a journey planner to let you know how long it'll take - it's uncannily accurate. First Great Western will take you from Plymouth to London for a reasonable fee if you book in advance.

I'm afraid Plym is too far for me to drive down and give a hand, but hopefully that will buy you some time to pull the engine out and do the seal at your leisure.

Then work out if your newly converted steed is compatible with the London Low Emission Zone, or else you might be leaving it down in Cornwall anyway. Well done on your new job though!

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Very good points there, afraid I entered "headless chicken mode" there for a while.

I'm hoping that at somepoint I might be able to do this myself, by sliding the gearbox backwards it hopefully shouldn't take more than a day. Which could work out quite nicely


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