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Prepping a V8 for water


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Hi all,

went out for a play last night around Arborfield with a few mates and went through a few fords too. Currently, my disco has no snorkel and is standard height (well, a little lower at the front as the winch seems to weigh it down :D )

I was thinking afterwards (yes, afterwards!), what do you reckon the best way is to prepare the petrol engine for some fording? Not talking about serious wading here, just whatever you can do to help prevent water causing any problems. Even in shallow water, I know it's possible to have some bad luck.

First things which spring to mind are to grease plugs and dizzy cap and spray electrics (coil) with WD40. But I'm fairly new to this, so what else could I do to help protect it? (Lifting and snorkel aside).

I noticed that the leads to the plugs dont seem to cover much of the plugs themselves. There's a gap where the lead stops, before the engine block and I can see the plug. Is this normal?

I know with a V8, half the battle is lost to water already. But what do you guys do?


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Genuine HT leads, cap, arm. NGK plugs.

Protect dizzy & coil from water, dad uses hi-tech ice-cream tubs to great effect.

As you mention - WD40 or vaseline to give a seal on the cap & plugs, some use silicone sealant but that can get ugly.

You can seal round the dizzy cap with some instant gasket but there are holes in the base so it'll never be fully waterproof.

There are a million old tricks to improve the V8 in water that sometimes work, sometimes don't.

The easiest surefire method is to ditch the dizzy and fit EDIS :P

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thanks guys. I'll take a look.

I'd heard that OEM kit is the best option for these things. I'll get some grease and make sure the leads are correct (might be causing the gap).

Not had any problems so far, despite some fairly deep water. I just want to protect my investment!!!


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tesco's do some nice strong food boxes with good rubber seals quiet cheaply. I found they worked very well. I used to tape a bag right over the top of the dizzy cap and leads, leaving plenty of space between the bag and top of the cap.


Make sure the rubber drainer on the bottom of the airbox is in good condition too.

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