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Air Suspension


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A few weeks ago the ABS and TCS (and possibly a few more) warning lights illuminated on my Disco 2. I didn't have time to take a look before going on a business trip. On my return last week the car had a flat battery. I recharged it and started the engine, then raised the rear suspension to make examination of the ABS sensors a little easier. The rear suspension extended, much more on one side than the other, and would not deflate. I drove the vehicle very slowly for 50 yards or so to see if moving the height sensors would help. Unfortunately, the extended air spring exploded, tearing itself to shreds and completely leaving its mounts!

The SLS (self levelling suspension) warning is now illuminated (but may have been before too).

Reading the tech manual, it seems that the ABS, HDC, TCS and SLS are controlled by one ECU, the SLABS. Whilst it could be a stuck air solenoid, I can't see why the suspension would over-inflate. Coupled to the fact that the ABS isn't working, I'm inclined to suspect the SLABS ecu is faulty. Before I spend £200 on a new ECU and £85 on a spring, can anyone suggest a likely cause?

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One of the suspension height sensors is kaput I think. What probably happened is that the height sensor was telling the vehicle that it was sitting low, so it carried on pumping the spring up and up and up until it overextended and exploded (I don't think it can sense pressure in the airline to the spring).

The reason it goes flat is that the air suspension does an auto check something like every six hours when the vehicle is parked and auto-levels it, which if there is an air leak or a sensor problem giving a bad reading it will result in it faffing around for ages and eventually running out of air and flattening the battery!

Check the height sensor is connected (electrically and mechanically), if it is then you will need a new sensor and I am afraid you will also need a dealer or somebody with a computer to calibrate it. Sounds like you need a new spring too...

It could be a stuck valve or a dud SLABS ECU but I think a sensor fault is more likely - could even be a bad connection to the sensor (corroded connector etc)

One of several reasons why my D2 has four coil springs on it :)

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Sounds probable. I did replace a height sensor a few weeks back (the opposite side). I didn't have it calibrated but it worked just fine. But perhaps this caused some electronic confusion which a flat battery caused to rear it's ugly head (and backside). Maybe some steel coils would be a whole lot less hassle, but the air is brilliant for towing. Have to ponder that one..... <_<

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