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rear axle 200tdi & td5 daft question time.?


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Guest diesel_jim

I have a 91 TDi200 110, what is the big lump on top of the axle in the middle, looks a bit like a shocker...?

The reason I ask is I have a rear end damaged 98 110 TD5 with a few axle parts missing, should it have the same set up?



front axle or rear?

front axle will be the steering damper.

rear axle will be the boge strut self levelling unit.

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Sounds like the Boge self levelling unit. It was fitted to some station wagons but not sure whether as an option only or as standard to certain versions. My 2000 CSW doesn't have one but others have. You can bin it if it fails but have to change the springs as well, they are softer with the Boge unit AFAIK.

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