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300tdi timing pin dimensions


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I would like to have the timing pin LRT-12-044 made. This is for a 300tdi non EDC engine mated with a manual gearbox (on the disco in my signature).

But I need some dimensions and I was thinking maybe someone can help. I don't have the wading plugs to measure them (I'll use the opportunity to have those made too).

All I need are the dimensions in red:


1). D=? (is it M14?)

2). X=?

3). (this one is not really necessary) when Y=0, Z=?

Can anyone help, please? Thank you in advance.

Here's another picture, maybe it can be of some use for others:


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The reverse lamp switch from LT77 definitely doesn't work because it has a M10 thread and it looks like this:


The one on R380 I don't know, maybe. It looks like this:


I would like to use the timing pin more as a locking tool (I'll have it made a bit different) so the reverse switch won't help me much.

Thanks for the tip.

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