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Really fed up - No heater and the ice is here


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Hi all.

How annoyed am I???? Having removed everything except the steering wheel and having unbolted the dash (but can't seem to prise it off) I just cannot figure out why the blower doesn't blow.

It does n ot help that a 'muppet' owned this vehicle before me (you know the type, old caravaner, thinks because he can wire up a plug or was in the army, he can rewire a complicated vehicle loom). I already had to remove his unbelievable bodge wiring job on the headlights and wire them back to 'normal'.

Well. Anyhow. I am very annoyed, and wanted to know, there are three connectors running to the ari con sliders. But only two connectors. Two are grey and have 5 pins, and one is black and has 4 pins. The black on is plugged in and has a different connector, but the two grey ones, only one is plugged in and seems to operate a servo that goes up and down (I can see that behind the air con unit). The other slider also operates the same servo! But the spare connector wire is just flopping around, plugged into nothing!

Has anyone got a detailed diagram for the Mark 1 Discovery air con system? Or does any live near me and can maybe lend a hand? There's no WAY I am taking it to a garage, they'll sting me for all that labour, as it is a real pain to get it all apart as you all know I am sure.

Thanks in advance. Francis. In CRAWLEY, West Sussex.

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Yes. YOU are the one who will fix your aircon. Don't give up!

Mind that you have a 1992 200Tdi Disco and that cd is for the 300 series (there's nu such a cd for 200 series - not that many PC's that time). The diagrams might not be entirely the same for 200Tdi but they are close enough.

Here's the diagram that you need (which is pretty much the same on any vehicle of that age)


Read "K1-4", top right in the diagram, as "+12V after ignition ON"

Step 1:

- disconnect the connector on the blower motor (C2069 on the diagram)

- use some wires and feed +12V and earth to the motor to check if it's working; if it's not working then there's your problem - you need another blower.

Step 2:

- ignition on

- the slider switch (fan speed switch) to max (position IV)

- use a voltmeter or a test lamp or a simple bulb and wires to:

a. test that you have +12V on C2069 pin 2 (the connector you took out on previous step), use a good known earth for that (not pin 1)

b. test that you have an "earth" at pin 1 of the same connector, use a good know +12V source for that (not pin 2)

Depending on the results on step 2 there are other steps to follow. You should be able to follow the diagram and find what's wrong. If not, come back with the results on both the above steps and we'll go from there.

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I cannot get the steering wheel off, and I have tried to remove the dash and undid a load of screws, but no joy, took dash handle off, the screws down in the footwell, etc. Undid the bolt on the steering wheel, but it is jammed on hard. How do you take the dash off? Anyone got some pictures of where all thwe screws are, instead of diagrams?

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