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He's been on the internal newsgroups so I think he's alive today!

Yup, saw Mike Wake had had his bicycle "borrowed" at work so decided to post the message about a bit and see what came out of it.

Other than that not looking at any other forums as too busy trying to get drawing packs out and finalise the design before the next business trip out to Italy or Sweden (fingers crossed)

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Sweden?????????? Stringy said you cant go without him!!!! ;););)

Glad all is well missed you around today. :)

yeah, SAAB Linkoping for "that" aircraft job ;) been some politics recently but awaiting to see what happens further up the chain of management.

He wouldn't enjoy it this time of year, they're all be wrapped-up and very little on display in the main high street at night :D

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well dont forget the camera "just in case" ;):D:D

shan't be forgetting the camera in just over a weeks time, trip out to Galileo Avionica in Italy for two days discussing contractual issues, suspect the usual dinner in a restuarant on the high street with views ;)

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