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I'm fitting a cutout switch to my 90 and need to route the feed to the started via the switch. So I can go and look vaguely sensible tomorrow at the auto electritions place What size cable is it from the batt to the starter? I have 10m of 6mm cable. Is this man enough or do I need bigger stuff. I need it to look tidy or else Weeble will take the p*ss again about my wiring :(

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Yes the 1 from VWP. So it's got the 2 big lug terminals and then 4 spade connectors. I've done the other bit this afternoon so will get the other cable tomorrow and finish the job off. But Dave will only have a look and laugh at my poor attempt at wiring like he normally does.

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Yep little white block thing. Bit of a pain to fix the wiring to it. Cable is nice and flexible but the 2 wires coming out the block are stiff as anything, so it got fixed in a unique way and taped to death to stop any movement and fracturing.

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