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td5 running problems


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Hi all, my 2000 td5 disco is starting to misbehave. About 3 weeks ago it started to run really rough, I put this down to bad fuel as I had just fuelled up at a small remote town.In the last week it has started to return intermitantly to a feeling of water in the fuel or a dropped cylinder, pull over stop the car and it may go away.

I went and got it plugged into rovacom lite and the chap said that it is probably oil in the computer, that got there from

getting into the loom as it passes through the rocker cover and migrating through the copper cores of the wires and into the computer where it causes havoc.

He said that it usually takes about 5 years for this to happen and I should replace the part of the loom that passes through the rocker cover, clean the compter with electrical contact cleaner and keep up the contact cleaner on all the terminals for about 3 months.

I tried asearch but could not find anything evidently this is quiet a common problem and I thought someone here might have experience of it.

Cheers Michael

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As mentioned.... is a common problem.

Usually you can just get away with changing the injector harnesss - which is cheap and easy.

A new injector harness is £40 (or thereabouts) and to change it all you need to do is remove the rocker cover.... unplug the old harness, and plug the new one in - making sure that the harness correctly latches on each injector (another cause of problems)

Then keep cleaning both parts of the red plug at the ECU (i.e. male and female parts)... with a thin screwdriver (or just your nail) you can unclip the white cover part of the red plug, which will give you better access to the terminals... after a bit (and with the new injector harness) the red plug should stay oil free.


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Thanks for the replies, doesn't seem to be a huge issue (though it should not happen) I will chase a new loom and a few

cans of electrical contact cleaner.

In days gone by manufacturers kept ironing out the bugs untill the got it right a few examples are LR 2.25, rover v8,

ford 250, chrysler/hemi 245, small block chev. Legislation in the EC seems to have stiffled development of existing engines to the point where manufacturers cannot keep up with the chages or did LR chage to new engines for more marketability for new sales.

didn't international pickup the build rights to the 300tdi and produce the 2.8 with all the apparant bugs fixed?

thanks for the help , catch you soon, Michael

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