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Do some colours protect better than others?

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Just wondering if anyone has noticed a difference between the deterioration rate of differing colour landys? Mine's red (as per the avitar) and soon after getting it I was chatting to the local indepent garage he noted on the condition saying that red ones tend to do better than some other colours!

Now I'm quite aware that he could have been feeding me a line in the hope of some sales coming his way, but was wondering if anyone else has noticed any difference, maybe due to using a different type of undercoat or something?

Just curious!

Cheers, John

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My 00 110 CSW has serious corrosion in the rear door, nothing to do with colour, just spare wheel weight and previous owner not complaining or bothering with warranty stuff. It's mica mettalic Oslo Blue (now scratched to buggery with narrow roads and high hedges :angry:, should have bought a solid colour!)

Can't see colour would have an effect but type of finish may, more layers in a fancy finish?

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