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Straightforward Supplies?


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Evening all,

Just wondered if anyone on here has had problems with Straightforward Supplies ebay username alias "horseclub" ?

It would seem that a friend and I have been ripped off by them :angry:

The pair of us, won individual auctions for some spotlights 2-3weeks ago. But to date have not received a bloody thing!!

Absolutley no response from them through the correct procedures! Ebay>Paypal Disputes etc?

The cost per pair of spots were a mere £27.00, but it would seem they are happy to rip us off? To which i cant believe would be the case? But im just wondering if anyone else has had such a bad experiance with them, through their ebay alias?

Im more ticked off! That i am wasting my time trying to resolve the issue than the actual loss of £27.00 :angry:

Anyone know where they would stand with "Trading Standards" over an issue like this? I would assume traders dealing through Ebay, would still have to trade by the Standards???



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have you tried contacting them directly, rather than through their ebay account?

Yes i have tried, but to no luck :angry: They are a tough company to get hold off at the best of times!

I just want to sort the issue out, with as little hassle as possible.

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