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Dismantling fuel injector pump on 2.4 vm

Welsh Mechanic

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Hi, Can anyone help with the above please. I'm trying to remove the injector pump on a spare engine I've bought and have removed the three retaining nuts but still having difficulty. I've taken the front cover off to try to remove the timing pinion but it seems reluctant to come off. There appears to be no retaining pin or bolt but there seems to be a keyway and am reluctant to use a hammer to give it a thump. Can anybody tell me if there is anything I have missed or has anybody had a similar problem.


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Have you got a manual for this?

If not, I have one I can email to you.

The drive gear is on a taper and needs a special tool (supposedly) to wind it off. That's once you've lined the pump up properly of course.

Thanks for replying to my problem - I was afraid I might need a 'special tool'. If you could email the manual that would be really helpful. Thanks again.

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