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300 Tdi - replacing oil seals under timing cover?

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Before I open up my 300Tdi timing cover to change the belt I'd like to be armed with the know-how on replacing the cam and crank seals if necessary - I'd appreciate any tips or how-tos on this subject. There's oil around the front cover so something is going to need doing


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Cam seal: DONT loosen the three small 10mm bolts. Undo the big one in the middle, remove gear wheel, pull the seal out and whack in a new one using a tube that fits. They don't often need changing, though.

Crank seal: remove crank pinion - you may need to make a tool using some metal and 3 5mm long bolts. Remove seal with water pump pliers. Best way to get new seal in is to use an old pinion suitably filed on the inside so it slips easily, put on backwards so the flat side faces the seal and bang it on with a hammer until it can go no further.

Oh, and before you do that change the o-ring behind the seal.

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As Jim said, you'll probably have to make a puller to get the pulleys off. Don't lever anything off the timing chest, it's some kind of weird brittle alloy.

Removing the seals is the same as any other seal. I drill 2 small holes in the seal, screw in 2 self tappers, and pull the seal out by the screws.

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Thanks for the advice. Presumably Jim when you say pinion you are referring to the crank pulley - seen here from the Tech archives? I can see how a 3-bolt puller arrangement would work


Anyone have a part nos. for the seal and the O-ring, and where the O-ring goes in the scheme of things? (behind the seal?) fits over the crank?


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