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Paddock Swing out wheel carrier

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having problems in fitting the carrier here goes :-

the problem being is fitting the four 10mm headed bolts 2 of them want to go through the reinforced ribs that i have just riveted on also its bolts on half on the square plate and half off

any answers or pics would be appreciated

the bolts by crossmemeber and rear light no prob went on ok bit of a shame as it also bolts on were my rear nas step does

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Guest diesel_jim

Here's the paddocks one i used to have on my 90.... hope these help.











the square metal plate on the door fitted directly over the holes that used to hold the wheel carrier in place. when fitted mine, i removed the rubber stopper thing, then offered up the "arm" and marked & drilled the holes, then refitted the rubber.

that way, when you close the door, the rubber thing gets nicely compressed :moglite: and results in a nice rattle free carrier. if you just try to compress it by hand, then mark the holes, you'll never get it "tight" enough.

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cheers that info great pics a real help


On my "old" 90CSW I fitted a Bearmach swingaway, which looks remarkebly like the Paddocks one. I scrapped the small metal plate supplied with it and made a larger one out of stainless. This covers the full extent of the LR wheel carrier re-inforcement on the rear door and makes for a better job.

Photos enclosed.

Hope this helps





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