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Td5 more power

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My 2002MY 110 Td5 could do with a bit more under the bonnet since I put a Disco geared transfer box in.

Should I get a larger intercooler, or a chip upgrade ?

Insufficient funds to get both, also the vehicle has AC so a bigger cooler might not fit.

Also living near Dover if I went for a deep fried chip, where would I get it done? (not going to a North London based company!).

Its livable as it is, and Im not a leadfoot, but would be nice to have a few more horses to whip when considering how much notice to give engine that I need to overtake a speeding electric milk float ! :rolleyes:

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JE Engineering Chip upgrade - £375 IIRC thats what mines got 175bhp, 360Nm 255/85 and Overdrive pulls no problems

or Autologic downloadble flash upgrade around £300 - very good in my experience

the above represent the best £££ per Nm in my opinion.

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