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TD5 fuel filter change,

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The TD5's all have the fuel filter in the drivers side rear wheel arch. Disco's have them located slightly differently and there is no shield to protect it. The method of changing them is almost exactly the same, so use this thread for either vehicle.

This is a TD5 90 and the filter location.


Slacken the road wheel and jack the vehicle up under the axle, then remove the wheel.

Spray some WD40 or similar on the twist catch, then undo it. The opposite side of the shield has two pins that locate in the rear bracket - remove the shield and the filter will then be exposed.




Pull the sensor wire out of the two clips and disconnect the plug. Tuck the socket part out of the way for now and let the sensor end hang down


Get a container to catch the fuel in, unscrew the sensor about 3 - turns and then unscrew the filter itself the same. The contents of the filter will then drain out.


The new filter - Mahle, which is a good make. There's a plastic srew-on plug on the bottom - remove it and make sure the small rubber seal stays on the filter - you need it to go on the sensor when you swap it over.


Make sure both seals are in place and coat them both with grease to prevent them from bunching when you screw the filter on.


Remove the sensor from the old filter and attach it to the bottom of the new one. Fairly tight is fine - the plastic thread can easily break.

Check that neither of the seals from the old filter have stayed in place and screw the new filter on tight by hand only. Reconnect the plug and put the wire back in the two clips.


A blob of grease on the catch to reduce corrosion, then re-fit the cover - keeping an eye on the sensor wire.


Once the cover is back on, tuck the wire inside it underneath.


Turn the ignition on (just the dashboard lights), and the system will self-bleed. There's be all sorts of whining, squishing noises for about 10-seconds and once it's bled, the pump will switch off - indicating that the fuel is up to pressure. Start the engine and watch for any leaks, then replace the wheel and lower the vehicle back to the ground.


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To add to this, there is a self-bleeding procedure built into the engine ECU of most TD5s - switch ignition on, pump the throttle from idle to full five times, and the pump will begin a purge cycle of 30 sec on - 5 sec off - 30 sec on - 5 sec off, while it is doing this the engine light will flash on the dash. Once the light stops flashing the book says to depress the throttle fully and crank till it starts, which is usually immediately. Not all early Td5s have this but most do.

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