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rocker sharft


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Piston hitting the valve, without a doubt. I would have a look at your cambelt before it breaks and takes all the pushrods with it. It may have jumped a tooth which caused the piston to hit the valve.

I assume your pushrod is bent, I can't see one ever breaking.

The rocker shaft is a known weak point on the 300Tdi, sometimes the threads strip out on the bolts that hold it down and the shaft will quickly break. I mean, who designed the shaft to have three big holes in it? The Land Rover tea lady strikes again.

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cheers mate


Hi, hope you don't mind me chiming in, its my first post after a long lurk :)

Several years back I put my 300tdi in for a service at the local LR agent and after went into part of the desert

for a jolly. We were a good way through when the truck packed up and wouldn't play.

We took the rocker cover off and found that a number of the posts were really loose which allowed the shaft to flex

resulting in the pictures below.

The tightest of the rocker posts whilst loose were still in place and could be tightened down but for the others

the movement of the bolts had elongated the threads in the head. Using strands of nylon rope to take up the

slack and pack out the elongated threads the remaining bolts were were very gingerly tightened down.

Long story short we put it all back together lining every thing up as best we could and drove it out of the desert

and several hundred kilometres home.

When we got back I stripped it down and found no damage other than some of the rods and their corresponding cam followers.

The only conclusion that I came up with was that the posts had been loosened during service and not properly torqued down after

but I can't begin to imagine why they'd do that. I do all my own work now!




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