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Wheel aRch flares and trimming sills


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One of the items on my list for the new year is a set of wheel arch flares for the Rangie (D44 stylee).

However, they are lower down on the list than the sill bar / rock sliders / tree fenders that I shall be installing first.(Mill Services stylee)

In anticipation of the wheel arch flares I would like to know how much I need to cut off the front and back of the cill bar to tie in nicely with the flares. That way I can get them manufactured specifically to fit.

Can anyone shed any light? :rolleyes:

Ta muchly

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ive fitted a few 4 & 2 door sets, from memory its about 2 1/2 " on rear & 2" on front, but i would suggest you fit the rocksliders first, so you get a perfect fit, they recommend lining the arch up central, but on my own rangie i moved the rears off centre to allow for clearance on articulation, rear arches can be a bit of a :angry: pain :angry: , if you want i can measure my rocksliders next week, when i get it back from having a new autobox fitted,



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Hi Bish,, you are welcome to measure my Bob's, and borrow a set of new archs if you like !! they are 2 door ones mind, but they are here if the like !! :)

Thanks for the offer Tim,

[cheeky mode] You couldn't pop out to the workshop and have a quick measure for me could you? Overall length and distance from each end to the centreline of each outrigger...? :D pretty please? I can't see myself down your way for awhile yet and I'm chomping at the bit to order my sill bars....[/cheeky mode]

I'm sure I could stretch to a pint or three... ;) B)

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