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engine conversion needs?


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i have just brought a 1991 3.9efi vogue rangie and a 2.8td isuzu lump with conversion plate for a 5 speed rangie box,

and hoping to start the engine transplant at easter as off back to university on sunday but are there any bits i need to buy, make to do the conversion?

any one done this that can advice me on what to do, or not to do!! hehe

shall be my first engine change.



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You will need an Isuzu clutch cover and the plate and release bearing from a Range Rover. A modified flywheel input bearing for the engine too.

Use all the turbo pipesfrom the isuzu as it makes a much neater job on the cheap. If you havent already got them you will need to make some engine mounts too.

I can't think of anything else off the top of my head but will be happy to help with any questions.

I am sure if you speak to Jez (dollythelw) he will help you too. He is an Isuzu into Rangie god.


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keep a look out for potential radiator hose pipe posibilities.

Possibly an electric fan.

I made the izusu throttle cable fit, but I seen it done with a RR throtle cable.

Now would be a good time for a cam belt change if your engine has a cam belt.

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