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16" rims for a D2


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Look Rolly I know you are a long way away, but there's no need to shout :)

I suggest your mate swaps his 18 inchers for a set of 16s. I take it he wants to fit decent off-road tyres? You can get adapters to fit DII wheels to a DI but not the other way round, so he can't fit adapters and use ordinary LR wheels.

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I would firstly suggest the Wanted section, but as you are quite a distance from most members on here, I would further suggest a look for local suppliers in your area.

Most Tyre stockists have a source for wheels. Short of that, you'll need to find a breakers, or someone selling the steel rims off of their D2 commercial.



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Thanks all,

The tyre places around here don't want to know about Disco's so he's getting some blank rims direct from the manufacturer and I'll drill and chamfer the stud pattern here at work (got a machine shop - lucky me)

Thanks again

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