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Spotlight relays

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I wired up my spots and headlights working from mmgemini's excelent article on another LR forum and have the relays in a waterproofed sandwich box to the front of the engine compartment.

With idle thinking time on holiday I wondered whether I would not be better creating a relay box next to the new distribution/fuse boxes I have put on the rear bulkhead. It would involve re-wiring and would be a bit fiddly but it would mean there was only power running forward when the lighting was on. This seems like a good idea and I wonder whether I am missing something?

Any thoughts most appreciated. If it is a good idea then it can join the lengthening list of things I have to do, plus things I want to do :P

Best wishes


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Thank you for those kind words. It's nice to know people not only read what I post but actually use it as well.

Personally I try to keep wiring for lights as short as possible to stop any volt drop.

I liken electricity to water. The bigger and shorter the pipe the more water you can get along it.


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OK. Already using 33 amp wire (from memory). The increase in the run would actually be negligible when I think of it since all I would really be doing is moving the relays back towards the new distribution point. If voltage drop was significant over say a 3m to 4m run then I could put in bigger cables but currently they work well (infnitely better than when on the original LR wiring).

The only question would be whether I still need the additional fuse in line (currently fuses for supply to each light on the light side of the relay - in addition to the "close to battery" fuse on each power feed to the relay)??

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