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Front Springs-Bearmach Blue

90 Mellis

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I'm currently running Bearmach Blue +50mm Springs and DeCarbon Shocks on my 200Tdi 90. They are the 'Off Road' ones not the Heavy Duty.

I've been trying to find out the Ratings for these, but the Codes stamped on the Springs do not tie up with the info on the Spring Guide in the Tech Archieve.

Front Springs BA2251

Rear Springs BA2252

They've only been on the Truck for a short time and the Fronts always sat lower than the Back, i'm in the process of fitting a Winch Bumper and 8274 and thinking of swaping the Fronts/Rears around to try and level the ride height?!

The Rear Springs look far stronger and as there will be no weight in the back i was hoping this could cure my problems without spending even more cash?!

Any thoughts??

Cheers Mike

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I run Bearmach Blue springs on my 90. I use Procomp es9000. But I use rear springs on the front and rear. I have a full ext cage, front winch and rear winch. So a fairly heavy truck. I find this set up ideal for my style of driving. It's a firm ride. So firm in fact that there is a section on JST's DRD route that I'm the only vehicle to of drive through, I like to think it's because of my driving style but I think it's because the nose didn't try and tuck itself under the front of the truck.

I'd get a new set of rear springs and fit them and put your rears on the front. Bearmach are now doing a new shock, can't remember the name but it is endorsed by some foreign Army who have them fitted to their Defenders. Supposed to be better than Procomp and not a lot dearer

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Guest diesel_jim
but it is endorsed by some foreign Army who have them fitted to their Defenders.

Probably French or Italian.... the springs work great in reverse....

/comic drum roll boom boom/ :lol::lol:

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