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Wheels question..


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Having had my Disco now for 2 weeks, I am preparing some changes like 2" suspension and front winch bumper.

The other thing is Wheels and tyres. I have been looking around to try and price these items.. But I am asking myself questions I do not know the answer to..!!

My current wheels are 16" Alloys. Fom seeing pictures I understand they may be called "Freestyle". I have read through a lot of posts on here and I have not seen anybody mentioning using them alloys and putting on some off-road tyres instead of the std road tyres.

The other thing I saw on a thread regarding Disco tryes was, someone mentioned a maximum size tyre that would go on without modifying the wheel arches. I cant find that post but I seem to remember somebody mentioning 33".. The question I wanted to ask is... Is that the diameter of the tyre when infalted or is it some other measurement.? Also... When I read specifications of tyres, I dont normally see any of the mention this.. I see mentioned 265 x 75 x 16 for example.. I am confused as to how i know what a 33" tyre is with those measurements...

I know in my mind, I quite fancy a fairly wide tyre without being too silly.. If they can go on the alloy, why not.!! If they cannot, I will try see which steel wheel i prefer..



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HI, you will find this link very useful....


the biggest reason few people use the alloys, is due to their big inset, ie, they don;t stick out much..... this, wehn coupled with larger tyres equals a sever lack of steering lock..... i think most of your other questions can be answered in the link.... the most commonly avaliable steel wheels are the modulars, most of which are supplied with +20 offset.... i think the alloys are +35......

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I had tyres that were around 33 1/2" tall and 10.5" wide, both front and back arches needed trimming but not excessively, and on articulation and steering no rubbing at all (steering stops could actually be wound in as they cleared the arms by a mile!) This was because my wheels had the perfect offset for this size tyre.

The key to get larger tyres to tuck in your arch etc. is the offset of your wheels. This will differ slightly from tyre to tyre, size etc.


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