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Solent and District Landrover Club are hosting a playday at Bunny Lane in Romsey, on the 15th of January. It is an excellent site and has something there, terrain wise, for all..

The site is open from 1000am, and the cost for the days playing is 20 pounds to current members. New members always welcome although all vehicles must have current tax and MOT. New members will be required to join the club paying 15 pounds for a years membership, and the daily site fees..

This is going to run alongside Wessex Hillrunners and we will be trialling the MSA way of "running" the day to see if we will be joining MSA.

There will be a burger van there as usual and the day is guaranteed to be lots of fun with the usual water obstacles and mud at the site..

Pressure washer to be on site to remove mud from vehicles for a small fee.. (2 quid)

Details can also be found on www.sadlrc.co.uk or from me on 07974202742. The site is situated just off of the A3057 Stockbridge Road. Turn right into Bunny Lane, and then shortly left into the site.

Dave White, SADLRC Chairman.

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Will they be honouring Shire membership?

I think we had a bit of a chat with Dan over this some time back :blink: as we were using attending Shire events on SADLRC membership and Shire's people attending on our days with thier membership cards.

I think it may have been agreed that we were going to keep it seperate from now on as people we're turning up at our events and saying "I'm with Shires, but I've lost me membership card" and there was no way of us querying it... Likewise I think some of our lot may have tried it on with you're events.. :rolleyes:

We are starting to get to the stage now where we are inviting nieghbouring clubs to some of events and clubs inviting us so this will be the only time when the cards may count- After an official invite, announced by both commitees.

It was a few months ago now so I will double check with Dan tommorow..

Besides its only another 15 quid for a year.. :P

I will update this post after confirming with him as memory is slightly hazy.. ;)


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Just to clarify I have spoken to Dan tonight and we have agreed that because of the insurance issue as well BOTH clubs at the moment are only going to accept members from thier club ONLY..

SADLRC are currently looking at going MSA and we will have to see how this works, but I'm afraid at the moment you will have to join the club to play on Sunday.



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