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It gets worse.......

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So I went out to tidy the car out post-all-the-electrical work.

Cleaned up all the rubbish, bits of wire, connectors etc and went to fit the fusebox cover............only two find that electrician-number-1 had fitted the mounting for the radio too far left for the fuse box cover to be replaced............


electrician-number-2 had fitted the CB radio too far to the right for the fuse box cover to be replaced. So both units will have to be moved....and.....the radio mounting has been rivetted to the dash. Holes everywhere.........

baskets! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

grumpy of manchester.....

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Send a 'polite request' for your money back?

I find that a handwritten note in a carefully sealed envelope attached to the bonnet of a 110 and driven at speed through a shop window works wonders... :lol:

I know how you feel though. When i first got my truck I was so eager to get a radio fitted that I let the muppets at Half*rds do the work. My loom is unrecognisable!

Bad luck!

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