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235/85/16 Tyre Presure


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Just bought some Greenway 235/85/16 MT tyres off another forum member, they're fitted on defender steels (which look identical to the LWB Series rims I had on before)

I've fitted them to my 88" Series truckcab and was wondering what pressure I should be running them at.

I do a bit of on road travelling - no motorways though, and then I go to the local pay and play sites.

Also the tyres say they are tubeless, but would they be fitted with tubes anyway? How can I tell without taking the tyre off if they have tubes or not?

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Look at the valve, if you can see the hole in the rim where the valve sticks out of, then it's fitted with a tube, if you can't see the hole because of the rubber at the base of the valve then it's tubeless.

Thanks for that - that's what I thought it was - in which case they are tubed. Is tubed OK with "tubeless" tyres?

Thanks Les - I'll aim for about 30ish then. It made me wonder a bit as it said max pressure was 65psi which seemed very high.

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