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Monroe shock absorbers.


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They are no longer available and I think the replacement in the Monroe range is called the Adventurer, I had a set of GM's and then a set of Adventurers on a later vehicle, didn't seem to be much difference between them to me.

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I think the Adventurer is of cheaper build quality compared to the Gas Magnum, they certainly lack the cushioning (bump stop?) at the end of the compression stroke. The price differential would also suggest a difference in quality; Adventurers are around £29 whilst Gas Mags were around £42.

Monroe do a range of shocks for commercial vehicles called Truck Magnum, I think, but that is as far as my knowledge of them goes.

I seem to recall reading something, where it was suggested that the Gas Magnum became the OME shock, or it just might have been that OME was recommended as a viable alternative. However, with OME nearly £90 each now, viable just doesn't come into it.


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All I know is that I asked Famous Four for Gas Magnums when I wanted some new ones, and was told that the Adventurer replaced them, maybe a bit of cost cutting in the process then!

The OME stuff is too expensive, and in the few OME equipped vehicles I have been in here it shakes all your teeth out on rough roads :wacko:

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