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First Land Rover


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Looks pretty standard and straight, well chosen for a first Landy. 24V system is reliable and parts are readily available. Some owners are scared of it but there plenty of advice on the EMLRA forum. The waterproofing of the 24V system is incidental to the heavy radio suppression, not the reason it's there.

Best place if you want to get in to military side or need advice on the 24V system is the EMLRA forum http://forum.emlra.org/index.php.

Other than the electrics and HD chassis, it's mostly standard, ask away on the series section or in here.

Just noticed where you are from. Bunch of owners in your neck of the woods are on (inc me) http://hillbilly4x4.org/smf/index.php

Big Military Vehicle and re-enactment show in Dublin this weekend where I'll be but there's also an event at Charles Fort in Knisale this weekend, several of the Hillbillys will be there.

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Thanks for that 101, originaly wanted a series 1 or 101 but this one came up cheap on flea bay.

Only plans for it are the bit of welding thats needed, new canvass and maybe a more civvy paint scheme.

Shame i'll be away for the Kinsale meet, will try and get to others tho.

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I hear you on the civvy paint scheme - only thing about flea bay is that you don't get the "new car" smell, but hey you can buy that in a bottle now days...


Dunno, I quite like the camo paint jobs, I suppose to an extent it depends what you use your landy for though. :)

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