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Clutch Problems


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On my way home the other day I stopped for fuel. When I left the garage the clutch pedal would go half way down before any pressure. Was fine before I stopped. Drove the few miles home with min gear changes and by the time I got home there was no pressure on pedal at all, it just stayed down & cant get gears.

So changed the master & slave cylinder for new ones nd now it wont bleed up. Fluid is pumping through but pedal still goes to floor and has to be flicked back up. Spent about an hour just bleeding it through. If i shut off the bleed screw now and pump the pedal 3 -4 times it goes solid and cant be pushed down at all.

Any one got any ideas where im going wrong or if it sounds like something else is broke. :unsure:


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Hi Jim,

Sounds exactly like what happened to me.

Changed down and pedal went right to the floor and became "floppy" (no resistance, unable to select gears).

Had to drive 50 odd miles home with no clutch, praying to the gods of traffic lights etc not to be brought to a halt.

It was the slave cylinder "pistony thing" (not sure of the proper name) had gone right thru the clutch fork and had stuck so the slave cylinder was at the fully out position.

I eneded up taking the engine out, (it seemed the easier option to removing the gearbox, after reading the tech threads now i know different :rolleyes: ) replacing the holed fork with an HD version from paddocks and did the clutch at the same time.



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Mine went the same way - pedal went rock solid . Could only bleed as you describe .

All happened in the space of a mile - you get little or no warning .

Took engine out and the pivot in the gearbox had gone through the fork .

You are as well off to change the lot : disc , pressure plate , release bearing , spigot bearing , clutch fork and rear crankshaft seal . You already have master and slave changed . Parts are reasonable and you can forget about it for many miles .

Mine had just 100K up when it went .

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Thanks for the replys guys.

Now im thinking droping the gearbox is going to be quicker & easier than removing the engine. Right?

Yep - I alway pull the gear box back a foot and pop a new pack in, have you got access to a ramp? ( much easier! )

Good luck


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