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Newbie clutch question


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Hey folks, I'm an absolute beginner at clutches so I figured I'd ask!

In a nutshell, how worried should I be?

Started happening yesterday on a long drive home from Worcester, so am a bit concerned it might lock up on me before I can look at it.

I've checked the reservoir - what should the fluid level be?

All help greatly appreciated! :P

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Yep and yep. There appears to be no fluid in the reservoir and a stain directly underneath the flywheel housing! Best get it looked at then...sigh.

I'm a bit miffed as the master cylinder was only replaced last year. Grrr! :angry:

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Many thanks for all your replies! Les' thread makes it look quite straightforward (if messy) to replace it yourself.

Although I've just been on the blower to a (allegedly specialist) garage who said:

"It's straightforward....as long as 'the pin' doesn't come out of the cylinder when you're replacing it. If that happens then the gearbox has to come off." :blink:

Is he scaremongering or do I have a real chance of buggering something up?

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When you remove the slave cylinder - be careful that the operating rod doesn't come with it. There's a flimsy little clip that holds it to the fork. The rod can become very rusty, and it's actually the dust cap off the slave cylinder that pulls it out. I withdraw the slave only enough to lever the cap off - leaving it just inside the flywheel housing still on the rod. The slave will then come off easily and you then are able to keep the rod in place while you remove the dust cap.


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