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Jules - don't do it......


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Jules don't post the Dakar results here

Well at least not in the subject line, I've been recording it for Astro_al

As he is stuck in Paris, he won't get to see it for a couple of week, dont want to ruin the surprise for him.

Yeah of course they have coverage in France, but first you have to have a televsion........ :P

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*** to ***** who would have thought

DOH! Now I'm gonna be wondering what that means...! :P

Hmm, first word = 3 letters, 2nd word = 5 letters... Maybe I'll have a quick look at the map...

NO! Must... resist... got... to... wait... AAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!! :blink::blink::blink:

Thanks Andy! B)

Got to avoid all the French newspapers for the next week too... Al.

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I just went and had a coffe, and someone let slip that it had been suspended...!?!? :angry:

Not exactly, they didn't time the last day. Only really the beach parade anyway.

A couple of local kids ran into the path of Dakar vehicles and died was the excuse they gave.

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A 9 year old boy killed by a competitors car

A 11 year old boy killed by a service truck

they said it was not the drivers falt.

Oh dear. Lac Rose was it? :(

You would have thought with so many little kids getting hit by low-flying cars that people would be a bit more careful (I mean parents and stuff).


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