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Another Heatwave


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43°C again today, and well into the 40s every day since Thursday. Worst of it is the night temps. It doesn't get below 30°, at 10.30pm Friday night it was still 38° when I was driving home. :angry:

This is definitely not Defender weather. The aircon really struggles, and she gets quite hot under load at the moment. Recored radiator, new viscous coupling, new water pump, new thermostat, block flushed and an extra electric fan - cooling is about as good as it gets but it's still gets close to the red going uphill unless I turn the aircon off. Thank goodness the aircon in the Ford can make icecubes. ;)

Paul :)

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Sorry to hear it, the weather out here in Dubai is about 23, not bad for winter. :D

We forgot what hot weather was like, but a few days in the 40s around new years in mid NSW put us back in the picture again. Some of my brother in laws family lost most of their farm and house to one of the fires in Junee over new years, which was a bummer.

As for A/C just got me a new toy, a 2002 110, just waiting to pick it up, hopefully the A/C will be up to the summer out here, also on the look out for a series II disco for my misses now. :D

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Hey Col

Welcome back mate. :) How's life in the in the sand dunes?

Cool change came through last night. Overnight down to 17°, which is ½ the overnight minimum Saturday. :o

Positively chilly now, ;) but back up to 40° by the end of the week. :angry:

Don't forget we want pictures of the new beast. ;)

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Things don`t move in a hurry out here, still rying to sort out visa`s, driver licenses etc, so probably won`t be able to get my hands on the new toy for another week or two, which is a bit of a bummer. :(

But all in all things are going nicely out here, we still don`t have a net conection, which is a real bummer so I only get to drop in here from time to time, but that should change in the next month or two.

Sharky lent us his 90 the other day for a blast in the dunes, which was a good intro to playing in the dunes. :D

Glad to see the temp has eased a bit your way.

Will try to drop in here from time to time to give an update on life out this way. :D

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good to see you are still in the land of the living Col.

Nasty bit of business down Junee way, I really feel for your rellies, speaking from experience, it can take a while to recover from a setback like that...

..... and apparently it all started with a cigarette :angry:

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