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Best Coil for a 3.5 EFI Flapper System ?


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The V8 has had to have a 'Intermotor' coil fitted when it decided to have (another :( ) hissy fit.

Yes, I KNOW they are rubbish.....It was fitted cos that all I could get

The engine is basically running a std 3.5 flapper EFI System, with the "Amp thingy" BEHIND the coil styley like this :


................and NOT the sort that has the amp thingy on the Dizzy.

Ok, my question is, if you look at this syetem, there is both a Lucas and a Bosch coil available,

If you do this as a "Just bolt on with no other mods question"..........................

What is the best coil to buy (inc and excluding the above lucas / bosch options) and why ?

I need to replace it fast (the rubbish intermotor is failing) and I need to buy something as a straight swap bolt on coil like next week...............

Whats you thoughts as to which coil to buy ?

(If odd please give part no / web site etc)

Nige :(:angry:

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Hello Nige,

Hmmmm…………..a subject close to my heart……… :)

I will need to refer to the wiring diagrams coz some have a ballast resistor built into the loom in the form of a resistive wire, however, I believe this applies to the early models and NOT to the EFI’s.

I am currently using a Motorcraft (FoMoCo) coil and that produces a very large F*** Off big spark :P ………. I run with 1mm plug gaps. The coil is mounted up under the AFM on the bulkhead so its not too easy (but also not difficult) to get at ……… but I could have a look see later in the week and see if there is a part number on it ……………. I will certainly need to know as I would want to replicate if it ever went faulty.

I have tried replacement coils, both genuine and pattern, and the spark could only be described as mediocre.

The system I use is the ‘amp on dizzy’ ………….. its supposed to provide a slightly better spark and they are also cheap to replace (£31). You could (and some have) remote mount the ‘amp on dizzy’ type amp. Many of the TVR’s and hot climate RR’s did this due to the high temperature failure rate, however, the 3 pin version of the amp (all that is available now) overcame this problem. I have a spare amp complete with flying leads if you want to give it a go.

What coil did the early EFI TVR’s & Morgans use :unsure: ?


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