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The annoying 3 lights


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Up until now I have put up with the 3 damn lights intermittantly annoying me, but over the past few days I can't reset them with the old 'turn it off and back on again' routine. :angry:

It a D2 '99 with 113k on the clock. I have read about poor signal from the wheel sensors, to the shuttle valve/switch or (worst case) the modulator itself going belly up!

I would take it to the Stealer for diagnostic on test-book, but I also read that some owners replace the ABS modulators for ££££ (test-book faut) and then the problem recurs in a few months!

Has anyone got any new/updated info on the potential fixes here?, can I remove some fuses to stop the lights and remain with a funtional traction control?

The snow cometh soon and at the moment I am a very heavy two wheel drive car! Bring back the Diff Lock!!! No smug coments please!

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OK, disconnected battery for 1/2hour...... no difference, took it to friendly LR mechanic who doesnt have 'test book', but checked the resistance of each sensor and said that the OSR was much lower than the other 3. (other 3 same resistance).

Had a quick look on the web at the price of Wheel Sensors for the Disco........arrghhh..... Now enroled in Cardiac Rehab Class!!!!!!......anyone know where I can source one for a 'reasonable' price?????

Rimmerbrs £328 :lol::lol::lol::lol: ....GULP! :(

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I am reducing this price with every click, so far sensor = £50.23 delivered, but I'm going to check the company that the nice Mr. White90 gave me. B)

In order I do get the correct one (double checking), how do I check the sensor? Can I jack up the wheel, put a meter on the sensor somehow and spin the wheel and get a reading?? :unsure:

Anyone know what I am testing for too? resistance? current? connection? Sorry to be thick!

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