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A-frame & Self Leveling Unit

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I have a 1985 110 with self-leveling unit on the A-frame. I believe the self-leveling unit is no longer working. Replacement Boge unit costs quite a bit. Can I remove the unit and replace the A-frame with a normal A-frame? I believe the self-leveling unit was an option so I shouldn't create any major issues. Thanks in advance.

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Yep... you can fit a non-self leveling one...

But you may find you need to change your rear springs to the HD version (as fitted to normal 'commercial' 110's i.e. non CSW)..

CSW have softer rear springs for improved passenger comfort... but to make up for the lower spring rates, the self leveler is utilised.

Hence, if you remove the self leveler, the rear suspension set-up will be very soft... esp. towing or with heavy loads.


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You can just remove the Top mount & Boge strut, undo the slim nut at the bottom or cut the cup off and replace the springs with normal station wagon springs, levelled suspension has softer springs than a unlevelled vehicle, did similar to my CSW, but used OME springs :D

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Thanks for the advice. I already have a set of OME coils on the way. I'll take the self-leveler off when I put new coils in. Do you know if the 90 and 110 share the same a A-frame?

the A frame arms are a common part, it's the centre fitting where the ball joint to axle/boge strut fits thats different, no need to change any of those parts. unlevelled vehicles don't have the forward cup for the boge strut bottom ball joint.

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