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EP90 or will EP80/90 do?

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I have a question regarding the difference between EP90 and mulitgrade EP80-90. EP90 is recommended for transfer case, diff's and swivel balls. Can I use the multigrade EP80-90 or should I stick to the recommended EP90? What's the difference bewteen the two? I'm having a hard time finding straight EP90, service stations seem to only have the 80/90. Thanks in advance.

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The different grades are cold/hot effective viscosities, so it will be 80 when cold and 90 when hot, a bit like 15/40 engine oil, it isn't as thick when cold as a straight grade like straight 30 would be, if that makes sense!

80/90 will be fine, that's what my vehicles have always used, Castrol EPX80W90.

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