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RR Converting Vacuum Diff Lock to Manual Operation


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For better or worse I am fitting the Range Rover with an LT95.

(well better really, lower first gear ratio and its stronger!)

As most on here will know, it uses a vacuum to hold the centre diff lock in engagement.

Ive been told that there is a common conversion to change this over to manual operation, does any body have any detail? cant find it myself.

I dont want the crude version of jamming out the shaft with a hose clip etc etc!

Also, anybody selling a Rangie overdrive?

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Mine's converted but it was done before I bought the gearbox. Works on a lever into the cab. IIRC you remove the vacuum bit which leaves enough shaft to fit a yoke over, then fabricate a bottom pivot for the gear stick.

It is nice to know for certain that the difflock is engaged.

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Yep, I did this on the old hybrid

Basically remove the vacumn unit

The I made a small piece of plate shaped to cover the vacumn hole, with a drill hole with a small siutable seal in it to take the shaft that was cionnected to the vacumn to the inside which has a fork.

This when fitted poked through the hole, (the position of the hole is set by the fork) which I then added to with a piece of rod threaded etc.

A lever was made, this had a pivot and the bottom then connected to the piece of rod sticking though,

The lever came stright upwards, a pull back locked the diff, push forward diseneged, rigged up a series 3 switch so that the light came on when diff klocked.

Hope this helps


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Thanks Nige,

It makes 95% sense to me, although Ive only looked at the unit briefly, Im planning on doing it next week, so I suppose your instruction will become even clearer when seen in the flesh.

The main reason for doing it is to avoid the diff lock popping in and out through say a semi leaking hose, Ive heard it can break the diff unit, plus the security of that mechanicaly felt click.

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