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power steering

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i am planning on sitting a 3 bolt power steering box to my 200 tdi 90, which is at the moment not power assisted and i am struggeling finding the right pipes. i have these part numbers




Does anyone know if these are correct?

thanks matt

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Using your VIN my EPC tells me these pipes

upto VIN AA244022 [yours AA228262]

nrc8286 reservior to pump

nrc8290 pump to steering box

nrc7987 steering box to reservior

check these pipes will fit the 200Tdi pump, I'm sure the 200Tdi pump is etc9070.

200Tdi pipes

ntc8193 steering box to pump

ntc6836 or ntc8192 reservior to pump [depending on res being the black metal or brown plastic ZF type]

ntc7982 res to steering box [metal res]

ntc8861 [plastic res]

hope that helps :D

probably confused you even more :unsure::blink::rolleyes:

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yea confused me a little does any one know if they used the 3 bolt power steering on the 200 tdi surley i would just be able to use them pipes, thanks for looking up the part numbers western great help just need sort which ones :D

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EPC doesn't give any VIN ranges for the fit of 3 bolt boxes, it just says this

STC8382---RHD - power steering - exchange - heavyweight - Adwest

checked Microcat as well just says the same, no VIN details shown

my paper parts cat [Defender 1987 on includes 200/300Tdi engines] doesn't show a 3 bolt box manual or power, only shows 4 & 6 bolt boxes.

hope that helps a bit further. :blink::unsure:

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